Earlier today I exported all the posts/comments/etc. to a hosted wordpress install here:


WordPress is the best blog package ever. Here’s why:

  • I had a blast hacking on it and watching it grow at ibiblio for lyceum
  • Matt Mullenweg is a coder who doesn’t allow users to succumb to cognitive friction
  • WordPress.com was awesome
  • The wordpress 2.0 package from wordpress.org is easy to install, customizable as hell, and fun.

Under construction…

With Phil‘s hosting advice, I’ve gone with serveraxis‘s Xen-based virtual hosting.

Over break I’m building a home theater PC.. I figured having my computer and my TV be two separate things was kind of pointless. I might upgrade the other PC I built into a web server. Here are the stats so far for the parts I’ve bought and installed.. I’m just missing memory. All prices are displayed and rounded as: (actual/retail):

  • Case: Ultra MicroFly MicroATX ($30/$60)
  • Mobo: ASUS A8R-MX/SI Socket 939
  • CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3400+ 2.2Ghz Socket 939 ($95 with Mobo)
  • Memory: Patriot 1GB PC3200 ($90/$105)
  • Video card: EVGA GeForce 7600GT 256MB ($90/$200)
  • Hard drive: Samsung 160GB (had it before)
  • Optical: Sony DRU-120C CD/DVD Double Layer Rewritable ($10/$40)
  • PSU: Ultra 500W (Free!/$40)
  • Keyboard: Logitech S510 Media Keyboard ($10/$30)
  • TV Tuner: Hauppauge PVR-150 MCE ($50/$100)
  • Heatsink/Cooling: ($20/$40)

The total so far: $393.95
Amount I’ve saved: $296.03
Thanks to Black Friday and mail-in rebates.

Here’s the case!


Here are the papers that were in Bioinformatics, Volume 22, Number 21. You can check out the site on a production server at http://ifold.dokhlab.org.

Base Paper [Adobe PDF]
Supporting Information [Adobe PDF]

So, with the exception of my honors presentation/semi-completed thesis/deliverable, two finals, and another presentation… I’m 88% complete with being an undergraduate. The other day I remembered some random event and was telling a friend.. “Do you remember last year when…”. After I finished the story, she looked at me and said, “Yeah… but Adi, that was in freshman year.” I was confused; I was so sure that it happened last year.

Even though I’ve gone through almost four years of college, it still seems like C-Tops was just last week. And that scares me. I don’t want the last few experiences of college to past by like a fleeting daydream. My worst fear is sitting in an office somewhere a few years from now, looking back on these past four years and missing it all — all of it. The parties, the dance battles, the allnighters with Pokey Stix, the classes, Kamikazi, the teachers, the friends, the acquaintances, that damn pit preacher, that meditative experience of walking through the quad in a sea of people, jumping across puddles of rain in the pit, being a freshman and eating at Lenoir with random people. But I know it’ll happen. I know i’ll miss it all.

Regardless, I’m trying my best not to think of it this last semester. I was originally going to graduate in December and I know now that would have been a horrible idea. I need a semester to take it all in, to relive everything that I’ve missed and live everything that I haven’t done. I need a freaking conclusion to this four-year novel. As far as work is concerned, most of it is stuff that I’ve always wanted to do independently but never had the time or the resources.

  1. Work on my honors project, thesis, and presentation… and probably take a grad. info theory class to help it.
  2. Consolidate all of the web design work, web development work, and graphic design work I’ve done in the past years into one place.
  3. Work on designing and developing one of my ideas and push it out to the public for free (but get money through advertising!) I want to see what people like and what they don’t like. I have these conceptions of what users like right now, but I think that’s kind of pretentious without actually knowing what target audiences are interested in.
  4. Build/hack the HTPC…
  5. Start work on the carputer (…car + computer). I can’t actually do anything to my car until June when the warranty expires, but there’s always LOTS of time to spend $1,000 :] I should probably also¬†figure out how I would cut out the dashboard and stuff before I actually do it…
  6. Start developing applications in .NET. Ha, this is kind of obvious…

So lots of fun, but mostly lots of relaxing before summer, travel, moving to Seattle, and starting work with Microsoft on August 13th!

James Kim

Kind of random, but uh, wow.

Also.. here’s a link to Timbaland/Nelly Furtado/JT’s latest:
Give it To Me. Hot beat, good chorus, lots of dissing… :]